Why Become A Freemason – Reasons To Become a Mason

Why become a Freemason? Well, that is one of the hardest questions to answer because every brother has his own reason and perspective on why he took the decision. Therefore, one would get a whole plethora of different answers..

But over the years, one hears different brethren give their reasons, so perhaps the best way is to look into, and try to explain, some of these reasons.

“I was asked by a good friend, who I did not know was a Freemason if I would like to join, So I said tell me more”

Possibly one of the most normal ways a man joins Freemasonry. It is a ‘two way’ contract. A freemason recognises certain attributes in a person/friend and feels that he has the right attitude to become a Freemason. On the other hand, the friend, who previously did not know of his membership, has possibly heard many good and bad stories about Freemasonry. So, while he may ask a few questions, places his trust in Freemason as he knows that he represents similar standards as his own. He also trusts him, as he knows that he would not be part of any organisation, which was questionable.

“I understand that Freemasonry has a strong moral code”.

The Masonic ritual encourages brethren to consider their actions and the effect of their actions on others. In fact, there is a piece of Masonic Ritual which sums this up very nicely. ‘A man, rising to eminence by merit’ should live respected and die regretted’.
By joining Freemasonry a man will be accepted into a brotherhood of ‘like-minded’ men around the world. Men with similar values and understanding.

“How can one join an organisation when they cannot tell you about it in any depth?”

Because Freemasonry is like life’s journey and finding your inner self. No one can tell you what that journey will be and what effect joining will have on your personal inner self. That is the joy of Freemasonry. The joy of personally finding one’s inner self. It will not happen immediately. It will be a lifelong revelation. Life is like a ‘one arm bandit’. You put coins in and sometimes a little comes out. Then a small prize. And maybe, if you are lucky, the jackpot. But like all things in life, unless you put in you will et nothing out. You only get out in response to what you put in.

“What has brotherly love, relief and truth got to do with becoming a Freemason?”

These 3 great principles are the cornerstone of freemasonry. They are universal and recognised by men and women of different faiths and cultures as a way of working together for the overall improvement of society.

  • Brotherly Love – By showing tolerance and respect for the opinions of others. And behaving with kindness and understanding to all people – Masonic and non Masonic.
  • Relief – To practice charity and care for one’s own family and the community by charitable giving and voluntary work.

Truth – To strive for the achievement of the highest ethical and moral behaviour and spiritual truth.Charcoal illustration by Lee Woodward Zeigler. Original size: 17.2 cm X 14 cm. Reprinted from a plate inserted after page 2000 of The History of Freemasonry. Its Legends and Traditions, Its Chronological History, by Albert Gallatin Mackey. Published by The Masonic History Company, New York and London: 1906. Volume Seven. [Templar Edition: Number 171 of 750.]

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