Freemason Lodges in Slovenia – Freemasons in Ljubljana, Maribor & Celje

Slovenia in central Europe has stunning natural landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, including Freemasonry. There are various freemason lodges in Slovenia, including in Ljubljana the capital. You can also find lodges in other cities, including Celje, Ptuj and Maribor.

Freemasons in Slovenia

A Glimpse into Freemasonry

Freemasonry is a global fraternal organisation with roots dating back to the late 16th century in Europe. We know it for its elaborate rituals, symbolism, and a commitment to fostering brotherhood, morality, and self-improvement among its members.

Freemasonry in Slovenia

Freemasonry found its way to the Slovenian territory during the 18th century. This is when this region was part of the Habsburg Monarchy controlled by Austria. Since then, it has played a significant but often discreet role in the country’s intellectual and social life.

Lodges in Slovenia

Slovenia is home to several Freemason lodges, each with its unique history, focus, and membership. Here are some noteworthy ones:

  1. Grand Lodge of Slovenia (Velika Loža Slovenije):
    • Founded in 1993, it serves as the umbrella organisation for Freemasonry in Slovenia.
    • Comprises multiple lodges throughout the country.
    • Promotes moral values, self-improvement, and community service.
  2. Lodge “Sava” (Loža “Sava”):
    • One of the oldest lodges in Slovenia, founded in 1785.
    • Played a significant role in the cultural and intellectual development of the region.
    • Emphasises the importance of education and personal growth.
  3. Lodge “Zlatorog” (Loža “Zlatorog”):
    • Founded in 1911 in Ljubljana.
    • Known for its charitable activities and support for education.
    • Encourages dialogue and cooperation among members.
  4. Women’s Lodge “Sibila” (Ženska Loža “Sibila”):
    • Represents female Freemasons in Slovenia.
    • Promotes gender equality and empowerment within the Masonic tradition.
  5. Mixed Lodge “Razprti Svet” (Mešana Loža “Razprti Svet”):
    • An inclusive lodge that welcomes both men and women as members.
    • Embraces diversity and focuses on philosophical discussions and personal development.
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