Freemasons in Slovakia, Freemason Lodges Bratislava & Kosice

Slovakia, a country steeped in history and rich traditions, is also home to a discreet yet intriguing presence – Freemasonry. There are various freemason lodges in Slovakia including in the capital Bratislava and other cities including Kosice.


Freemasonry, a worldwide fraternal organisation with historical roots dating back to the late 16th century in Europe. It is renowned for its mysterious rituals, symbols, and a commitment to fostering brotherhood, morality, and personal growth among its members.

Freemasons Bratislava

Freemasonry in Slovakia

Freemasonry first emerged in Slovakia during the 18th century, a time when this region was part of the Habsburg Monarchy. Over the centuries, it has played a notable, albeit discreet, role in Slovakia’s cultural and intellectual landscape.

Freemason Lodges in Slovakia

Slovakia hosts several Freemason lodges, each with its unique history, purpose, and membership. Here are some noteworthy ones:

  1. Grand Lodge of Slovakia (Velká Lóže Slovenska):
    • Founded in 1990, it serves as the central governing body for Freemasonry in Slovakia.
    • Comprises numerous lodges throughout the country.
    • Emphasises the principles of moral improvement, charitable work, and community service.
  2. Lodge “Svatopluk” (Lože “Svatopluk”):
    • Established in 1923 in Bratislava.
    • Known for its commitment to cultural and educational initiatives.
    • Encourages intellectual discussions and personal development among its members.
  3. Lodge “Tatry” (Lože “Tatry”):
    • Founded in 1990 in Poprad.
    • Actively engages in charitable activities, including support for education and healthcare.
    • Promotes a sense of brotherhood and unity among its members.
  4. Mixed Lodge “Artemis” (Smíšená Lože “Artemis”):
    • An inclusive lodge that welcomes both men and women as members.
    • Focuses on philosophical discussions, personal growth, and community involvement.
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