Freemason Symbols – Masonic Symbols

This section will provide background on the physical symbols in Freemasonry. While Freemasons refer to tools they refer to them as having a moral equivalent which can be associated with their actual physical use.

Freemason Symbols

  • The Square – Teaches Morality
  • The Compasses – THE COMPASSES are Gods unerring and impartial Justice and to keep us in bounds with all people.
  • The Level – Represents equality.
  • The Plumb Rule – Represents Justness and uprightness of life and actions.
  • The Gavell – An emblem of power; represents the force of conscience and keeps order in the lodge.
  • The Trowell – To spread the good works of Charity
  • The Chisel – Represents the advantages of education.

Plumb Bob Logo

While this is not an official Masonic Web site we have decided to adopt the plum bob as our corporate logo as in Masonic terms this represents justness and uprightness of life and actions.

We feel, and intend, this site to be just that in addressing the concerns and explaining Freemasonry.

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