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There are various Freemason Lodges In London. This page is to help you find the right masonic lodge for you. You can find lodges in all the major towns or cities of London, including Westminster and Soho.

Freemasons London

Freemasonry has long been mistakenly seen as a secretive organisation and the anti-Masonic web sites, of which there are many; perpetuate a twisted view of the craft. Interestingly, there are a number of really secretive organisations. Some with questionable motives, but they are not attacked in the way Freemasonry is. But rather than dismiss their criticisms out of hand, they will be confronted, addressed and corrected.

Masonic & Freemason Lodges in London

Some of the various freemason lodges in the Westminster, Soho, Campden & London area.

  • Metropolitan Grand Lodge
  • Faith for duty 6853
  • Hampden Lodge London – Lodge meeting in Great Queen Street, London, consecrated in 1892. Initially met in The Hampden House Residential Club on Phoenix Street London.
  • Lodge Of enlightenment
  • Lodge of King Solomon’s Temple No 4611
  • Middlesex St Andrews 8897 – Freemasons Lodge with a Scottish Flavour, meeting in Middlesex, 4th Friday in January, March, June & November.
  • Doneraile Lodge No. 3558 – Great Queen Street in London.
  • Northwick Lodge No 5020
  • Peace and Hope 5925 – A friendly and welcoming lodge in central London to visitors and potential initiates alike. We meet 4 times a year for Masonic business, in addition to social and charity events.
  • Royal Jubilee Lodge No 72 Twickenham
  • Strawberry Hill Lodge – The Lodge holds a comprehensive Social programme including weekends away, family dinners, concerts, Christmas lunches and exchange visits with other lodges. Four meetings a year are held on the first Wednesdays of January, April, September and November. They usually start at about 5pm and are always followed by dinner, the “festive board”, a formal but cordial occasion. There is a weekly Lodge of Instruction (LOI), an informal gathering, generally followed by a chat in the bar, where members old and new can perfect their Masonic ritual.
  • STRONG MAN No.45 – Located at Freemasons Hall , Great Queen St London. Founded in 1728 and constituted in 1733, Strong Man is the 19th oldest Lodge in the English constitution, much older than many Lodges with lower numbers. Its membership is still very international, six nationalities represented and seven languages are spoken. Growing steadily with an average age now under 50, it’s a very happy group of men.
  • Domatic Lodge 177 – City of Westminster
  • Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 – Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 meet in Cole Court London. One of the oldest lodges in Middlesex and pride ourselves on the working we do in the Temple.
  • The Waterways Lodge London – Based in the Southgate Masonic Centre in London. Waterways Lodge is a small friendly Lodge meeting 4 times a year at Southgate. Waterways works its own version of Taylors Ritual. The Founders were boat owners, so at the Festive Board, ship’s bells are used instead of gavels & the Wardens report that the watches are fully charged in port or starboard rather than the South & West.
  • Gavel & Staff Lodge No. 9835 – Gavel & Staff Lodge No. 9835 is located on Great Queen Street in London. A Masonic Lodge for Toastmasters, Livery Company Beadles and those involved in associated professions.

Where in London?

There are various masonic lodges to join in London including.

Barnes, Barnet, Basildon, Belgravia, Blackheath, Bromley, Camden, Chelsea, City of London, Clapham, Clerkenwell, Cobham, Covent Garden, Denham, Docklands, Epsom, Fulham, Greenwich, Guildford, Hammersmith, Hampstead, Harlow, Harrow, Holborn, Ilford, Islington, Kensington, Kingston Upon Thames, Knightsbridge, Leicester Square, Little Venice, London, Marylebone, Mayfair, Notting Hill Gate, Oxford Circus, Paddington, Piccadilly, Putney, Richmond Upon Thames, Shepherds Bush, Soho, St Johns Wood, The Strand, Twickenham, Uxbridge, Wembley, Westminster, Wimbledon, & Windsor.

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