Freemason Lodges in the Republic of Ireland, Freemasons Dublin

There are a variety of Freemason Lodges in the Republic of Ireland including in the capital Dublin. You can also find lodges in various other places in the country, including Galway, Cork, and Waterford. The Republic of Ireland, a land known for its lush green landscapes and rich cultural heritage. It is also home to a vibrant and longstanding Freemasonry tradition. In this blog, we will uncover the mystique surrounding Freemason lodges in various cities across the Republic of Ireland. Join us on a journey through history, symbolism, and the enduring impact of Freemasonry on Irish society.

History of Freemasonry in the Republic of Ireland

Freemasonry’s presence in the Republic of Ireland dates back to the early 18th century. The Grand Lodge of Ireland, founded in 1725, serves as the governing body, overseeing Freemasonry activities throughout the country. Irish Freemasonry has its own unique customs and rituals, shaped by the nation’s storied history and cultural identity.

Lodges in the Republic of Ireland

Dublin: The Epicentre of Irish Freemasonry

Dublin, the capital city, plays a pivotal role in Irish Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge of Ireland, located on Molesworth Street, Dublin, is a majestic edifice constructed in 1866. The building itself is adorned with intricate Masonic symbols, including the square and compass, which represent the core principles of Freemasonry – morality and ethics.

Within Dublin, you’ll find several historic lodges, each with its own character and historical significance. Prominent among these are the Lodge of St. George, Lodge of Assistance, and Lodge of Research. These lodges have been instrumental in preserving Irish Freemasonry’s timeless traditions and values.


Cork, known as the “Rebel County” because of its history of resistance to British rule, boasts a proud tradition of Freemasonry. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Munster, based in Cork, oversees Masonic activities in the region. Cork’s Masonic lodges, some dating back to the 18th century, have played a vital role in charitable endeavours and community service.


The picturesque city of Galway on Ireland’s western coast boasts its own unique Masonic heritage. The Masonic Hall on Claddagh Quay has served as a hub for Masonic activity for over a century. Galway’s Masonic lodges contribute to the city’s cultural and social fabric while upholding the values of Freemasonry.


Waterford, a city steeped in maritime history, maintains a strong tradition of Freemasonry. As part of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Munster, Waterford’s Masonic lodges, including the Waterford Lodge of Masonic Research, continue to promote the principles of brotherhood and charity in the local community.

Freemasonry in Ireland

Freemasonry in the Republic of Ireland is not just an ancient fraternity; it’s a living, breathing part of the nation’s cultural and historical tapestry. Masonic lodges in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Galway, and Waterford uphold the values of brotherhood, charity, and enlightenment. While much of Freemasonry remains enigmatic to outsiders, it remains a place where individuals come together to foster friendships, engage in philanthropy, and celebrate the timeless principles of the craft. These lodges are a testament to the enduring impact of Freemasonry on Irish society.

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