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Some information to help you find Freemasons in Angola. This includes Masonic Lodges in Luanda, the capital of Angola. Freemasonry made its way to Angola during the colonial era when European powers, including Portugal, held dominion over the region. The first Masonic lodge in Angola, “Grande Loja Maçônica de Angola” (The Grand Masonic Lodge of Angola), was founded in Luanda, the capital, in 1883, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orient of Portugal. However, the presence of Freemasonry was not limited to the capital city; lodges were established in other major Angolan cities as well.

During the colonial period, Angolan Freemasons often used their network to discuss ideas related to freedom, independence, and social justice, albeit discreetly due to the oppressive colonial regime.

Contemporary Freemasonry in Angola

In modern-day Angola, Freemasonry continues to be a vibrant and influential institution. The Grand Lodge of Angola, recognised as the sovereign Masonic authority in the country, is responsible for overseeing Masonic activities, lodges, and members. Here are some key aspects of Freemason lodges in Angola today:

Freemason Lodges Based In Angola

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