Freemason Lodges in Denmark – Freemasons in Copenhagen

Denmark, with its rich history and tradition, has been home to several Freemason lodges for centuries. These lodges have played a significant role in shaping the social fabric of the country. While embracing the timeless principles of brotherhood, enlightenment, and philanthropy.

Freemason Lodges in Denmark

There are various lodges to join or find out more in Denmark.

  1. St. Martin’s Lodge (Logen St. Martin til Nordstjernen) Founded in: 1743 Location: Copenhagen. St. Martin’s Lodge holds the distinction of being the first documented Masonic lodge in Denmark. It has a rich history of promoting the Masonic principles of fraternity, charity, and truth. The lodge has been a hub for intellectual discussions and cultural activities over the years.
  2. Zorobabel Lodge (Zorobabel Logen) Founded in: 1779 Location: Copenhagen. Zorobabel Lodge has been a prominent fixture in Copenhagen’s Masonic landscape for centuries. It has played a pivotal role in the development of Danish Freemasonry and is known for its dedication to charitable works.
  3. Christian VII Lodge (Christian VII Logen) Founded in: 1847 Location: Copenhagen. Named after the Danish King Christian VII, this lodge has a strong historical connection to the monarchy. It has maintained a commitment to the Masonic ideals while fostering an atmosphere of intellectual exploration.
  4. Harmony Lodge (Harmonien Logen) Founded in: 1813. Location: Aarhus. Harmony Lodge, based in Aarhus, is one of the oldest Masonic lodges in Denmark outside of Copenhagen. It has a long-standing tradition of engaging with the local community through charitable endeavours.
  5. Orient Lodge (Orient Logen) Founded in: 1912. Location: Aalborg. Orient Lodge is another prominent lodge in Denmark’s Masonic landscape. It has a strong focus on Masonic education and philosophical discussions, contributing to the intellectual development of its members.
  6. Hafnia Lodge (Hafnia Logen) Founded in: 1888. Location: Copenhagen. Hafnia Lodge, located in the heart of Copenhagen, has been a center for Masonic activities and discussions. It has a rich history of hosting lectures and cultural events.
  7. Hermes Lodge (Hermes Logen) Founded in: 1888 Location: Odense. Hermes Lodge, situated in Odense, embraces the Masonic values of brotherhood and community service. It has a firm presence in the local community, actively contributing to charitable causes.

History of Freemasonry in Denmark

Freemasonry made its way to Denmark in the early 18th century. The exact date of its arrival is somewhat unclear, but it is believed to have been introduced by Danish noblemen who were initiated into the craft while travelling in other European countries. The first documented Masonic lodge in Denmark, St. Martin’s Lodge, was established in Copenhagen in 1743. Since then, the Masonic movement has steadily grown and established a firm presence in the country.

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