Freemasons Bulgaria, Masonic Lodges & Freemasonry Sofia & Plovdiv

There are various freemason lodges to join in the towns and cities of Bulgaria. This includes in Plovdiv, Sofia, Ruse, Veliko Tarnovo and Varna.

About Freemasonry in Bulgaria

Freemasonry in Bulgaria has a rich and complex history that spans several centuries. The origins of Freemasonry in Bulgaria can be traced back to the late 18th century when the first Masonic lodges were established in the country. These lodges were often associated with foreign diplomats and traders. These introduced Freemasonry to Bulgaria.

Freemasons Bulgaria

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Freemasonry in Bulgaria experienced significant growth and played a role in shaping the country’s social and cultural landscape. Many prominent Bulgarians, including intellectuals, politicians, and artists, became members of Masonic lodges. Freemasonry was seen as a forum for enlightened ideas, civic engagement, and philanthropy.

However, during the mid-20th century, Freemasonry in Bulgaria faced a challenging period due to political upheaval and repression. The Communist regime that came to power in 1944 suppressed all Masonic activities, viewing them as a threat to the state. Masonic lodges were closed, and many Masons faced persecution.

With the fall of communism in 1989, Freemasonry in Bulgaria experienced a revival. New lodges were established, and Masonic principles of fraternity, charity, and personal development gained renewed prominence. The Grand Lodge of Bulgaria was officially established in 1995 and became a member of the international Masonic community.

Today, Freemasonry in Bulgaria continues to be a vibrant and active part of the country’s civil society. It is open to men of all backgrounds and promotes values of tolerance, ethics, and social responsibility. Masonic lodges engage in various charitable activities and community service projects, contributing to the betterment of Bulgarian society.

In conclusion, Freemasonry in Bulgaria has a long and varied history. From its early establishment in the 18th century to its suppression under communist rule and subsequent revival in the post-communist era. It continues to play a role in promoting ethical values and social engagement in Bulgarian society. Thus, upholding the traditions of Freemasonry worldwide.

Freemason Lodges in Bulgaria

Freemasons Ruse Bulgaria

There are various lodges to join in the country, including in Sofia, the capital. Other lodges can be found in.

  • Plovdiv
  • Varna
  • Ruse
  • Veliko Tarnovo
  • Bankso
  • Burgas
  1. Sofia Lodge No. 1 “Liberation”:
    • Location: Sofia
    • Sofia Lodge No. 1 “Liberation” is one of the most significant and historically prominent Masonic lodges in Bulgaria. It was founded in the early 20th century and has played a pivotal role in preserving and promoting Freemasonry in the country.
  2. Plovdiv Lodge No. 2 “Fidelity”:
    • Location: Plovdiv
    • Plovdiv Lodge No. 2 “Fidelity” is located in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second-largest city. It is known for its commitment to Masonic principles and its active role in fostering fellowship among its members.
  3. Varna Lodge No. 3:
    • Location: Varna
    • Varna Lodge No. 3 operates in the city of Varna, a major coastal city on the Black Sea. While details about specific lodge activities may be limited, it is part of the Masonic network in Bulgaria.
  4. Burgas Lodge No. 4:
    • Location: Burgas
    • Burgas Lodge No. 4 is located in the city of Burgas, another important coastal city in Bulgaria. Like other lodges, it is dedicated to the principles of Freemasonry and fostering brotherhood among its members.
  5. Ruse Lodge No. 5:
    • Location: Ruse
    • Ruse Lodge No. 5 is situated in the city of Ruse, known for its rich history. The lodge contributes to the Masonic community in Bulgaria and engages in charitable activities.
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