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There are various Freemason Lodges In Buckinghamshire, this page is to help you find the right masonic lodge for you. You can find lodges in all the major towns or cities of Buckinghamshire, including Aylesbury, Buckingham and High Wycombe.

Freemasonry has long been mistakenly seen as a secretive organisation and the anti-Masonic web sites, of which there are many; perpetuate a twisted view of the craft. Interestingly, there are a number of really secretive organisations. Some with questionable motives, but they are not attacked in the way Freemasonry is. But rather than dismiss their criticisms out of hand, they will be confronted, addressed and corrected.

Masonic & Freemason Lodges in Buckinghamshire

Some of the various freemason lodges in the Buckinghamshire & Buckingham area.

Five Points Lodge

Beaconsfield Masonic Centre, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Five Points is a very friendly Lodge which includes family and friends in its social activities which have included performances of all types at our functions, from classical singers to comedians. Enquire about joining today.

Bourne End Lodge Marlow

Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Bourne End Lodge 7943 is a very friendly, active lodge with many Masonic charity activities. We meet 2nd Saturday night in Winter and are open for new members.

Other Lodges

  1. Buckinghamshire Provincial Grand Lodge:
    • Location: Aylesbury
    • The Buckinghamshire Provincial Grand Lodge serves as the governing body overseeing Freemasonry in Buckinghamshire. It coordinates the activities of numerous lodges within the county.
  2. St. Giles Lodge No. 855:
    • Location: Buckingham
    • St. Giles Lodge No. 855 is one of the oldest and most distinguished Masonic lodges in Buckinghamshire. It is known for its commitment to Masonic principles and community engagement.
  3. Beaconsfield Lodge No. 2045:
    • Location: Beaconsfield
    • Beaconsfield Lodge No. 2045 operates in the town of Beaconsfield and is recognised for its contributions to Masonic ideals and charitable endeavours.
  4. Wendover Lodge No. 6536:
    • Location: Wendover
    • Wendover Lodge No. 6536 is located in the market town of Wendover. It is actively involved in Masonic activities and charitable work in the region.
  5. Bletchley Lodge No. 9540:
    • Location: Bletchley
    • Bletchley Lodge No. 9540 operates in the town of Bletchley. It is dedicated to upholding the principles of Freemasonry and fostering fellowship among its members.
  6. Chiltern Lodge No. 9325:
    • Location: High Wycombe
    • Chiltern Lodge No. 9325 is based in High Wycombe and is part of the Masonic community in Buckinghamshire.
  7. Slough, Windsor, and Maidenhead Masonic Centre:
    • Location: Slough
    • The Slough, Windsor, and Maidenhead Masonic Centre is a hub for Masonic activities in the eastern part of Buckinghamshire. It hosts various lodges and Masonic events.

Where in Buckinghamshire?

There are various masonic lodges to join in Buckinghamshire including: Aylesbury Vale, Beaconsfield, Bletchley, Buckingham, Chesham, Gerrards Cross, High Wycombe, Littlehampton, Marlow, Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Newtown, Olney, Princes Risborough, Slough, Stone, Wendover, Winslow and Wycombe.

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