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The working mason wears an apron for protection.
Those we wear reflect this and signify a level or office within Freemasonry
At your Initiation you will wear a plain white apron

When you become a Fellow Craft you will wear a plain white apron with 2 light blue rosettes

After the third ceremony as a Master Mason your apron will have a light blue border, three light blue rosettes and two vertical ribbons referring to Jachin & Boaz – columns outside King Solomon’s Temple. The ‘tassels’ - some say represent the seven ages of man and knowledge of the seven liberal arts.

On becoming The Worshipful Master the 3 rosettes are exchanged for 3 levels. Precursor of a spirit level the two inverted T’s are fixed at 90 degrees to the base line. Therefore a cord hung down the centre of the leg of the inverted T will confirm that the horizontal bar is level.

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Eventually Provincial rank – a white apron with a dark blue border, fringed
with gold edging, 3 gold levels. Also a collar and jewel


In normal craft Freemasonry brethren wear light blue collars to differentiate lodge offices

Most Masons wear a black tie, in remembrance of those killed in WW1
All Freemasons wear white gloves. Generally a leveller; you cannot tell by a man’s hands if he is an office worker or labourer

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