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The three Great Principles of Freemasonry are Brotherly LoveRelief, and Truth which brethren practise through charity to care, not only for our brothers, but also for the whole community by personal financial charitable giving, and voluntary efforts and works.

Historically Freemasonry has cared for orphans, the sick and the aged; work which continues today with large sums also donated to international, national and local charities.

Exercised at every level Masonic charity encompasses voluntary work and donations from individual Lodges to their own communities, through the Provincial Grand Lodges which also give financial help to regional causes.
Nationally Grand Lodge focuses its efforts through four main charity organisations:

Although Masonic Charity is regarded as the second largest donator after the National Lottery it could be considered the largest in terms of money given to charity from a single group, as every penny raised for Charity comes from the brethren. No money is raised directly from the general public.

Masonic Charity is local, national and international.

Local in as much as individual Lodges raise money from the Brethren which in most cases is donated to local Charities and good causes. Provincial Grand Lodges also raise money from the brethren which is usually used to support charities and good causes in their province. The money Grand Lodge raises through subscription and other ways, is donated to national and international charities. They are often the first to send donations to help in disaster relief.

Unlike other organisations, which tend to have a charity aspect, which only supports members of that group over 50% of Masonic Charity - many £millions -is given to non Masonic organisations, Such as funding research into medical conditions, palliative care, Life boat for the RNLI, ambulances for St Johns etc.

The four major Masonic Charities are


The Freemasons Grand Charity

Each year the Freemasons Grand Charity supports thousands of people in need with grants totaling nearly £8 million.
Its work is split in two. Helping individuals by supporting Freemasons and their dependants  with grants towards the cost of essential daily living expenses and unexpected needs.

The other aspect of the work of the Freemasons Grand Charity is grants to national Charities, with no Masonic connection such as medical research, youth opportunities, hospice grants, air ambulance, vulnerable people and disaster relief.

Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

Founded as a school to relieve poverty and advance the education of the children of deceased and distressed Freemasons. by Chevalier Ruspini in the early 1800’s the trust supports over 2,000 girls and boys at school, colleges and universities

http://www.iowlodge.co.uk/Images/RyalMasonicTrustForGirlsandBoys.jpg File:Chevalier Ruspini nel quadro di Thomas Stothard.jpg

The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

Operating 17 care homes throughout England and Wales the RMBI delivers care to promote independence and the dignity of the individual, male or female.

The Masonic Samaritan Fund

With no age limits or qualifying period of membership and no requirement to still be active within the Craft, The Masonic Samaritan Fund makes grants to cover all or part of the cost of private medical treatment for eligible Freemasons who have a medical need, a long wait for or no access to NHS treatment and cannot afford to fund their own private medical treatment without undue hardship.


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