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About The Freemasons & Freemasonry - Expectations of a Mason

What is expected from you when you become a mason?

These 9 points, taken from The Antietnt Charges highlight a Mason’s general responsibility to society, which he, as the Master elect, agrees to before being installed as the Worshipful Master of his lodge..

1 You agree to be a good Man and true, and strictly to obey the Moral Law

2 You are to be a peaceable subject, and cheerfully conform to the laws of the country in which you reside.

3 You promise not to be concerned in plots or conspiracies against Government, but patiently to submit to the decisions of the Supreme legislature.

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4 You agree to pay proper respect to the civil magistrate, to work diligently, live credibly, and act honourably by all Men.

5 You agree to hold in veneration the original Rulers and Patrons of the order of Freemasonry, and their regular successors, supreme and subordinate, according to their stations: and to submit to the resolutions and awards of your brethren in general Lodge convened, in every case consistent with the Constitutions of the Order.

6 You agree to avoid private piques and quarrels and to guard against intemperance and excess.

7 You agree to be cautious in your carriage, and behaviour, courteous to your Brethren, and faithful to your Lodge

8 You promise to respect genuine and true Brethren, and to discountenance Impostors and all Dissenters from the original plan of Freemasonry

9 You agree to promote the general good of society, to cultivate the social virtues, and to promulgate the knowledge of the Mystic Art as far as your influence and ability can extend.


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