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Buy A Handmade Masonic Maul - Buy A Set Of 3 Handmade Oak Masonic Mauls

I am a Freemason and a woodturner.

In true Masonic tradition these handmade Masonic  mauls are produced from quality English oak and finished with a pure beeswax polish, I make myself, to give a lovely finish and a long life.

Because I take time and individually hand turn each one, in my workshop, it means that there may, when stood together, be some very slight variation. This is the distinctive beauty of individual hand turning, which one would not get if mass produced on copy lathe.

Decorated with a single ring for the Junior Warden, double ring for Senior Warden and three rings for the Worshipful Master these mauls can be produced, as in the picture, or to a specific profile.

Therefore if you have a request for a specific profile, or design, please contact me and I will do my best to match your requirement.

Buy A Set Of 3 Handmade Oak Masonic Mauls

Set Of 3 Masonic Mauls
Buy a set of 3 handmade masonic mauls
Price - £100 + £10 Postage

Buy Individual Handmade Oak Masonic Mauls

Junior Warden Maul
Buy Individual Masonic Maul - Junior Warden
Price - £40 + £10 Postage
Senior Warden Masonic Maul
Buy Individual Masonic Maul - Senior Warden
Price - £40 + £10 Postage
Worshipful Master Masonic Maul
Buy Individual Masonic Maul - Worshipful Master
Price - £40 + £10 Postage
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